Why you should not build a free website for your business

“Building a website should be fun and not a source of annoyance.”

Are you considering starting a new website? Nice! So exciting! And did you see that great offer for a free website? Ah, save yourself a lot of time and annoyance by going through the possible disadvantages of this type of offer.

Choosing a free website or not?

You probably already know what you want to do with your website, so why not choose the most important, the provider for the required CMS system, well-considered. Is a professional website that expensive and is the financial saving worth all the potential misery? Do you want to know more? Download the information sheet!

Professioneel or hobby?

The most important question is what your objective is with your new website. Do you want a professional website, web store or blog and grow over time or is it a website or blog on which you write nice articles, especially for people you know. You are probably not interested in many new visitors. For example, think of a blog or website for your hobby, your world trip, your wedding day or everything about your own garden and pet. Then a free website is sometimes a solution. It’s free, and you accept the disadvantages.

For all other websites, blogs and web stores I advise to look a little further and think about your project. Do you have a professional objective? Is your website and is your idea worth more then those costs or are you in doubt? Take a step back and read my free article first, especially if you have doubts about whether or not you have to spend the annual costs for this.

You want more information?

Do you want to read more about this? Then view my information sheet. You can easily download this below. Herein I give you some points to consider regarding using free platforms for your new website.

Do you want to know more about a specific topic or do you want to hand over your website building? Please feel free to contact me to discuss the options.

Download informationsheet

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