Teamusup becomes La Fermette Creative

Teamusup becomes La Fermette Creative

After 15 years of Teamusup we are going change our name. The name will be changed to La Fermette Creative from around mid-2019. With this we want to connect to a uniform appearance for all our activities for the Dutch, Belgian, English, French, Swiss and German markets.

Why a new name?

Our dream project

At the end of 2018 I and my wife Geraldine started our dream project in France and after a long search we will now move into our Fermette in the Limousin. After a major renovation, we will start with a Bed & Breakfast facility for holiday visitors who want to enjoy the Limousin and the tranquility.

Our business activities

We also want to continue our existing activities. For me that means the web design activities and for Geraldine the activities for interior design and jewelry design. Because we are also going to focus on the French market alongside the existing Dutch market, the idea has arisen to name our company after our project, La Fermette, in English, “the farmhouse”. This is how La Fermette Creative was created, La Fermette Limousin for the B&B activities and La Fermette Immobilier for the activities of Geraldine.

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