Offer: your professional WordPress website for only € 425,- excl. VAT

“Your own professional WordPress website”

Your own professional WordPress website custom designed, built, decorated and filled for only 425 euro excluding VAT. And for the first year I’ll pay your domain name, hosting and e-mail address worth 75 euros!

What you can expect from me

I will work with you to map out your wishes and based on this I will make a first design. Your website will be designed, built and decorated with the most important functions and will then be filled with your texts and images.

In addition, I will take care of the registration of your domain name and the professional hosting of your website and I will make your email address ready for use. Upon completion you will be able to work with your own WordPress website. For the first year I will pay the registration costs for your domain name, the hosting costs for the website and your e-mail address at 75 euro per year.


  • It concerns a website or blog (or extra charge for webshop)
  • You have a usable logo (or design a logo at an extra cost)
  • We work with a free WordPress theme (or a surcharge for a professional version)
  • You supply your own texts once (or extra charge for textwriting)
  • You supply your own usable images or photos (or extra charge for stock photos or photo editing)
  • A maximum of 7 pages will be prepared for you including contact page

Have your own professional WordPress website designed

Want to know more about this offer?

Want to know more about this offer? Please feel free to contact with me to discuss the possibilities. This offer is valid until 12 March 2020.

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