Test your WordPress website on a free local Xampp webserver

“Install your own test webserver”

With Xampp you can easily install your own offline test web server that runs on your PC or laptop. Handy when building your WordPress website, blog or web store and when testing themes in combination with plug-ins without anyone watching. You can also install an unlimited number of websites and applications, which makes the test server perfect for experimenting with the possibilities. And Xampp is also completely free. Below is a simple and brief guide for installing and using Xampp in combination with Windows.

What is Xampp?

XAMPP has been around since 2002 and is an open source project from ApacheFriends. XAMPP is known for the easy installation and the extensive documentation. Download the information sheet!

When and why Xampp?

Xampp is Open Source software and therefore free. There is a huge community behind this software and through the websites you can sign up for a forum and report your problems with the application. You will also find many tips & tricks.

  • It’s offline and secure
  • You can get to know an application
  • You can test changes
  • You can launch multiple applications and multiple projects
  • You do no damage online

Also view this instruction video

View also this video with an instruction for Xampp.

Want to know more about this subject?

Want to read more about this? Then view my information sheet. You can easily download this below. Here I give you some points to consider with regard to installing Xampp as a test server on your PC or laptop. I also give you a simple manual with which you can easily install Xampp on your windows PC or laptop with a WordPress website environment.

Do you want to know more about a specific topic or do you want to hand over your website construction? Please feel free to contact me to discuss the options.

Download informationsheet

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