Customized branding and logo design

Create a powerful and unique consistent identity with a custom designed, designed and appropriate creative professional logo and sparkling corporate identity with a unique branding.

Recognizable, distinctive and reliable

Logo, corporate identity and website are the calling card, the image, for you outside of your organization and ensure that your existing or new company, organization or institution is recognizable, stands out, is distinctive in relation to the competition and creates trust with current and future customers . Your logo and corporate identity are often the first contact that new relationships or future customers have with your organization.

my approach

Research into the identity of your organization

Based on your preferences that you can express in so-called keywords, I will start brainstorming for you, I will research the identity of your organization, the goal you want to achieve, the image you want to radiate and become a strategy. After this process, I will design a number of initial proposals for your logo and corporate identity elements, taking into account the desired appearance, colors, shapes, unique elements and your and my inspiration. I ensure that you can explain your new house style with a clear story that explains the choices logically and clearly.

You will receive a presentation with multiple versions of the graphic design. This allows you to choose. I discuss the designs with you. The design of your preference will be further elaborated into a definitive graphic design and you will receive all ready-to-use files that are free of rights and become your property.

Do it yourselve or outsourcing

What can go wrong?

Whether you are going to work on modifying your existing logo or developing and designing your new logo and corporate identity and want to know what to look out for and what you should NOT do or whether you are going to outsource this to a “handy cousin “or a professional agency. It remains a matter of careful consideration and keeping your finger on the pulse throughout the entire process to avoid future problems such as high costs for correcting errors that are irreversible especially at the end of the process . Remember that the design of your logo and corporate identity is the starting point and the cornerstone for your brand and for all other materials that you need and that you will wear your corporate identity. So make a good start right away.

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