Your own unique domain name

Your creative and innovative idea has been developed into a business plan. The next step is registering your domain name, arranging the hosting for your online presentation, creating your e-mail addresses. Ready?

Domain names

Register domain names
As soon as you know the name for your domain name, you can register it. This is possible at many companies at different rates. Note that if your domain name eventually has to be moved, you will come up against new rates. Do you only need a .nl domain name or do you also want a .com or .org or even a .eu domain name? Then check carefully that your chosen domain name is available for all extensions because it would be a shame if your set is incomplete because one or more are already taken. La Fermette Creative can take care of this check and register the domain names for you. I also place this with our own provider so that I can easily attach your hosting for your online project and e-mail addresses here.

Forwarding domain names
Do you have multiple domain names but you only place your online project on 1 domain name? Then it might be useful to have the remaining domain names forwarded to the domain name that has a website, blog or web store. After registration, with a small annual fee, your extra domain names can be forwarded to any other desired domain name.

Moving domainnames
Have you already purchased a domain name or multiple domain names and would you like to place this with my preferred provider? Then I can easily transfer your domain names. For this you need a so-called relocation code. Keep in mind that you will receive a new registration invoice from the new provider for this.

e-mail and webmail

Your e-mail addresses

Based on your hosted domain name, I can easily create a number of e-mail addresses for you. By default, these are 5 e-mail addresses or aliases. Depending on the chosen hosting package, this number can be expanded. Reserve an e-mail address as info@ for general messages and for example an address as webmaster@ for the management of your web environment.

Access to your e-mail and webmail

Your created e-mail addresses can easily be linked to the e-mail program of your preference, for example Outlook, but also to Gmail. In addition, your e-mail is always accessible via the so-called webmail system. You can decide for yourself whether or not to use this.

Hosting package

Your own provider or switch to TransIP

Have you already chosen your own provider? Then I will try to perform our work on this hosting platform. If this is not possible then I will inform you about this. An option is to switch to my preferred provider. Because I fully manage this platform, this provides the best results, but it is not a requirement. If only I can get access to your hosting environment where your domain names are, your e-mail addresses have been created and your hosting account can be created for your online project.

Questions or quotation

Do you have any questions or would you like a free advice or quotation?

Do you still have questions after reading this information? Feel free to ask me your questions. I am ready to answer them. Simply contact me via the form for a free quote and advice. Prior to issuing a quote or advice, I will first contact you to be able to clearly define the request. In addition to the quotation you will receive a brochure with additional information and all options at a glance.

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