Digital information sheets for EXPROit

Digital information sheets for EXPROit

4 years ago we designed the digital information sheets for EXPROit in the appropriate corporate identity style. The sheets provide useful summary information for each service or product and can be downloaded on their website.

Digital information sheets for EXPROit

Small adjustments

Although the sheets were already designed 4 years ago, some adjustments were needed. The logo was modernized and here and there some textual changes were needed.

The source files in order?

Then adjustments are not a time-consuming and expensive job

Basic source files of the information sheets prepared in the house style were already 4 years old but still present and that means that changes can easily be made.

The information sheets do not have to be re-formatted. Of course, sometimes something changes in the software that is used, but it is still time-saving and cost-saving if source files are present and have been preserved. The result is that with a few hours of extra work, all files are up-to-date again.

About EXPRO it

EXPRO it was established in 2008 and its focus is to make and keep your office automation and IT Infrastructure compatible so that your organization remains competitive and builds and maintains a lead in the market.

Visit website

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  • Always save your source files
  • Have a template sheet made with your fonts and colors
  • Save any photos and stock photos in the correct format
  • Save texts in a separate file

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