View your website through the eyes of your target audience

View your online texts through the eyes of your target group. After all, the visitor wants to get the feeling that the text is written for him or her. Create unique and findable content for your website and have a professional write powerful and strong texts. Select beautiful photos and illustrations to visually enhance your message.

Have web texts written professionally

Recruiting, catchy and SEO friendly

A website visitor actually only wants one thing and that is to quickly find the information he or she has entered as search term in the search engine. And then, after loading your website page, the visitor wants to get started reading relevant information within a few seconds. The visitor scans your page, as it were, and then makes a decision: click away or read through.

There is nothing more frustrating than constantly coming back to a website that does not provide the desired information, that is unclear in the search structure or where a lot of clicking and scrolling is required. Sometimes it is inevitable, but feel free to assume that everyone has “basic annoyances”. We want to find what we are looking for quickly and have little time and / or patience. That means that your texts must be tailored to this. Therefore choose a professional copywriter who not only writes your website texts in an appealing and sparkling way, but who also keeps the attention of the visitor in mind but also takes into account the technology behind the search engines such as Google and thus provides a clear search structure.

Writing recruiting and sparkling texts that are SEO-friendly and where you attract and hold the reader’s attention, is a job in itself. As an entrepreneur you often don’t get around to it or you get stuck in the texts you write. You also have to take that much into account and you actually want to focus on doing business. Especially the finalization of texts where you yourself are really satisfied is the point where many entrepreneurs drop out. That is why entrepreneurs opt for a copywriter.

My approach

Together with you I look for the right structure to display information and apply the desired design. I start by researching the best search terms for your website. I do this together with you because you know everything about your company and organization, your business. I also want to know what makes you unique. This helps me further in writing appropriate search terms and unique texts. After this the texts, links, illustrations and photos are placed in such a way that they can be found online in the search engines and the visitor to your website can make a choice at a glance which texts are interesting to read or which links are worthwhile. are to follow. After all, we want to keep the visitor on your website for as long as possible and ultimately work towards an action moment, for example contacting or requesting a quote, because ultimately that is what it’s all about, a good conversion.


Have your website translated by a native speaker

Build a multi language website or just your website or web store in a 2nd language? I like to take care of the translation of your website and use native speakers for this. Together with them we translate the texts from Dutch into English, German and French, or vice versa.


From stock photos to illustrations

Nowadays it is no longer wise to “borrow” other people’s photos online. After all, you want to look professional, use photos and illustrations that match each other in style and preferably everything at a high resolution so that you can use everything for your business printing.

I work with, among other things, Dreamstime stock photos, footage and illustrations. A safe way to buy online images, videos and illustrations that you can use for your printed matter, website, blog and web store. Of course you can also hire a photographer. Then make sure your material is consistent in style, in other words, does it all fit together?

Want to know more about this subject?

Do you want to know more about Dreamstime? Follow this link. Want to know more about free images and footage of Dreamstime? Klick HERE.

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