Carddeck in gift box for Suzanne Schmitz Hypnosis & Counseling

A unique gift box with 45 spiritual cards for Suzanne Schmitz Hypnosis & Counseling

45 spiritual cards each with a unique print created by Suzanne Schmitz “Your guide on the journey called Life”. The cards are packaged in a printed box and the cards are explained with text and explanations in a booklet.

Carddeck for Suzanne Schmitz

About Suzanne Schmitz Hypnosis & Counseling

Who are you, what do you want, what is your passion? What are you afraid to show? I love to let you discover that and help you further. I want to show you and make you feel that it can be so much different. Want to know more? Go to

Project development

Based on the supplied design and the photos of the 45 cards, the full color printing was prepared according to specifications so that it could be delivered directly to the specialized printer

Specification product

  • 45 cards each with their own theme
  • Box front & back
  • Booklet with description
  • Vibrant full-colour printing


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