website for vacation rentals in France

A custom Responsive website based on pagebuilder and custom fields with in it a role distribution to let accommodation owners independently (and for free) place their listing on the website. Bookdirectly with the owner of a nice vacation accommodation without extra costs. Fair enough, so do it!

Why this initiative?

I’ve been walking around with the idea of building such a website for a while now. Basically to help holiday home owners to offer their vacation homes for rent, but also the idea to perhaps expand it with advertising, companies in the region and regional news. Coincidentally, I came into contact with a Facebook group with 7500+ members and the idea was also alive here. Based on these ideas I started building and is the result.


A FREE listing means immediate savings for you!

As a landlord and owner of a vacation accommodation you are looking for the best possible opportunity to bring your vacation opportunity to the attention of the largest possible number of interested people. That is also our goal and we hope to achieve it together with you. For this purpose we have set up a well thought out system that guarantees you maximum attention for your listing.
It makes no difference to us if you use only a free listing or also other services offered by us. You make your own choice!

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How it works

After registering, you will be automatically logged in and can immediately get started with the GRATIS listing of your accommodation. With the placement of a description and clear photos of your accommodation you can indulge your creativity. Practical guides are available to support you.

You will also receive an e-mail confirmation and information. Are you not immediately logged in after registration? Then please wait for the e-mail in which everything is explained.

As soon as a visitor performs a search on our website and chooses your vacation accommodation, this visitor can contact you directly. No obligations, no extra costs, not for you and not for the tenant.

Visit the website

Visit this website at:

Project components

  • Responsive website based on Nimble Pagebuilder
  • Custom fields and role management
  • Design, build, content management
  • Subscription form, accommodation entry form, account management
  • Company information

Need more info?

You want to know more about this?

Want to learn more about this topic or need help? Then feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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